アウディ ヘッドライト Headlights Headlamps Halogen PAIR Set for 98-01 Audi A6 98から01アウディA6用ヘッドライトヘッドランプハロゲンPAIRセット:Us Custom Parts Shop USDM - 468f6

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アウディ ヘッドライト Headlights Headlamps Halogen PAIR Set for 98-01 Audi A6

Headlights Headlamps Halogen PAIR Set for 98-01 Audi A6
メーカー AUDI
車種 アウディ
年式 1998-2001
発送方法 送料一律 1000円(※北海道、沖縄、離島は省く)
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Item specifics
Condition: New Part Brand: 1A Auto Aftermarket Replacement
Interchange Part Number: AU2503108, AU2502108,4B0 941 003 AS,4B0 941 004 AS Placement on Vehicle: Front, Left, Right
Warranty: Yes Manufacturer Part Number:

Product Description:

Comes as a PAIR
Fits both the LH (Driver) and RH (Passenger) Sides
Replaces dealer part numbers: 4B0 941 003 AS, 4B0941003AS, 4B0 941 003 AE, 4B0941003AE, 4B0 941 003 BE, 4B0941003BE, 4B0 941 004 AS, 4B0941004AS, 4B0 941 004 AE, 4B0941004AE, 4B0 941 004 BE, 4B0941004BE, 4B0 941 004 S, 4B0941004S
Includes lens and housing
Bulbs not included
Correct for Halogen Style headlights
Does not fit HID (High Intensity Discharge) or Xenon Headlights
Brand NEW fitting for the following years and models:

2000-01 Audi A6 Headlight Pair for V6 2.8L
2000-01 Audi A6 Headlight Pair for V6 2.7L
1999 Audi A6 Headlight Pair
1998 Audi A6 Headlight Pair (8th Vin Digit B)
Fit guaranteed
This pair of headlamps will install just as your originals do. You can use your existing hardware and wiring harnesses.
Save time and money with a direct fit. No trips to the hardware store or extra time trying to get the wiring to hookup.
1A Auto has the most comprehensive warranty.
If this headlight set should fail to provide satisfactory performance you may exchange it.
1A Auto Headlights are guaranteed to pass inspections in all 50 states. DOT (U.S. Dept. of Transportation) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) approved.
Replacing discolored, scratched, dull or damaged headlights with a new pair from 1A Auto can increase your resale value by up to 10%.
A new pair of headlights can provide you with up to 50% more illumination than a dull, yellowed, sandblasted, broken or scratched headlight.
1A Auto headlights can help you see farther at night and in poor driving conditions.
A new pair of headlights from 1A Auto can make you more visible to other traffic during heavy rain or wintry weather.
Bulb Note:

These lights do not include bulbs. Occasionally lighting manufacturers do leave test bulbs in the lights. If you happen to receive a lighting product (Headlight, Tail light, Parking light, Fog light etc.) that comes with the bulbs, the bulbs are not covered under our warranty. Our warranty applies only to the light assembly.

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