The Saskatoon Soaps

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Performances at the Broadway Theatre. Shows every Friday at midnight from September to April. Costs $3.95 all seats. There is a concession.

Booking information: The Saskatoon Soaps have been performing at conventions and functions across Saskatchewan for twelve years. A show with a cast of four (reccomended) costs $500.00. To book the Soaps, call Chris Jones at the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon (306)652-6556 or email Dave Scharf at

What are the Saskatoon Soaps? This September 22nd we enter our twelfth season of improv comedy at the Broadway Theatre. There are about twelve members (some come some go, some go and come back some go and don't...) and on a Friday at midnight, the cast is usually around six to eight.

The Friday midnight shows are usually a series of scenes around a VERY loose story line. Members of the troupe have one or more characters that they usually play, and the show is usually set in an apartment complex on Broadway Avenue in Saskatoon (ie. the set is a minimalist apartment). If not set in the apartment, then the usual characters are transported to another location.

For example, in July of 1995 we performed at the Broadway Comedy and Busking Festival with special guest Red Green of the Red Green Show (AKA Steve Smith). The story was Red Green visits Uncle Jake's Jackfish Lodge and Shoe Repair and helps the Soaps characters try to run the lodge and look for Uncle Jake.

In addition to the regular Friday night shows, the Soaps play conventions, parties etc. Those shows are not based on the regular Soaps charcters, but are a series of scenes based on traditional and non-traditional improv-games.